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Defense and government satellite communications services help federal, state, and local governments maintain fundamental and secure communications where wire lines or wireless infrastructures do not exist. Mission-critical satellite communications are vital resources for sustaining and optimizing the communications infrastructure. Satellite communications technologies include airborne mobile broadband networks, managed Wi-Fi, and mobile enterprise security services. The… Read more »

When disaster strikes, the most obvious and immediate necessities include shelter, medical supplies, water, and food. However, relief workers cannot reach survivors and save lives unless communications networks are set up quickly. The top four uses of emergency satellite communications include: First responders and public safety. Police, fire, and urban search and rescue teams can… Read more »

3 Essential Purposes of Maritime Satellite Communications Telecommunications requirements have become the standard for short- and long-term voyaging. Although maritime satellite communications are becoming increasingly important, the solutions that work on land don’t typically operate at sea. Ship-to-shore radio signals and expensive phone calls are no longer the only options for marine communications. Key Satellite… Read more »

In an area where natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires can occur without notice, it’s crucial to have a back-up plan to effectively restore fundamental business functions and help carry out recovery strategies quickly and easily. Oftentimes a company will depend on third party providers—enterprises that will also suffer setbacks in the advent of… Read more »

When disaster strikes our coast its effects are widespread and emergency resources and personnel are stretched to the limit. A catastrophe can disrupt even the most basic terrestrial communication and cellular infrastructure. In these kinds of situations it’s vital for emergency responders to have clear, open, and uninterrupted lines of communication amongst each other, thereby… Read more »