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When it comes to environmental monitoring, you need an application that has many sensors and early warning systems in place to keep you alert of any changes in real time. Environmental monitoring satellite communication solutions featuring GX technology make it possible for you to manage and monitor any environment remotely and onsite. Using satellite technology… Read more »

Improving Disaster Communication Infrastructure Communication is vitally important to any business and organization, especially when there is a need to respond to disasters and catastrophic events. As technology continues to advance, the need to improve communication systems, applications and infrastructure persists, so that numerous lives can be saved. Satellite Technology Increases Efficiency To facilitate timely… Read more »

As the face of technology continues to transform the way businesses operate, the need to improve communication infrastructure remains. Many organizations find themselves in a race against the clock to find the missing link that will allow them to enhance their communications without affecting their bottom-line. Fortunately, business on demand satellite communication is the key…. Read more »

Recent changes and advancements in technology have made it vitally important for businesses and organizations to integrate aeronautical satellite communication into their infrastructures. No other systems or terrestrial solutions are capable of providing the capacity, speed and efficiency needed to improve global operations and communication as organizations transition from using slow data connections to data-centric… Read more »

Adapting Utility Services to Changing Demands Utility companies have always provided essential services but the industry’s character is rapidly changing. New monitoring and reporting standards, changing customer demands and expectations, emerging industry competition, and the need to remain competitive all require utility companies to take meaningful steps towards the implementation of sophisticated communication solutions. Utilities… Read more »

Satellite Telecommunications Support Modern Mine Operations Mining operations often take place in very remote locations where communication is hindered by weather, geography, and lack of reliable pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure. Nonetheless, mines are faced with intricate communications needs as a result of the distinct character of these operations. Mining satellite communication offers several important advantages to… Read more »

Recent economic circumstances have driven many business decision makers to reexamine conventional organizational strategies. Decentralized business models have been developed in response to the economic contraints associated with highly centralized organizations. While research has suggested that decentralized businesses might be better able to weather the effects of recession, the decentralization of technology assets has been… Read more »

The San Francisco Public Safety Building The San Francisco Public Safety Building at Mission Bay is the latest of Remote Satellite’s major contracts. The 264,000-square-foot structure houses the new headquarters for the San Francisco Police Department as well district police and fire stations. Built in anticipation of the Bay Area’s next great earthquake, the building… Read more »

Successful Communication During Disaster Relief Efforts Successful disaster relief management requires the organization of responders and equipment. Responders need dependable solutions during disaster relief and NGO satellite communication can provide this. Hubs and terminals can be deployed throughout an affected area to address the multiple communications concerns that may arise during disaster scenarios. A Problem… Read more »

How the Oil and Gas Industry Use Satellite Communications Real-time satellite communications operating in the air, sea, or on land are crucial for the oil and gas industry. A trustworthy satellite communications solution enables oil and gas producers, oilfield service businesses, and pipeline operators to monitor and observe remote equipment, facilitate field operations, and secure… Read more »