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San Francisco International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, needed help in determining best methods possible to communicate in the event of a huge California earth quake. Remote Satellite Systems helped design and implement redundant communications, by providing multiple satellite networks to ensure that airport personnel had what was absolutely necessary to do their job in securing the airport, assessing the damage and protecting the public in the event of a catastrophic earth quake that hits the Bay Area.

The new San Francisco Public Safety Building which houses both the Police and Fire Departments was built to withstand anything Mother Nature could throw at it; Remote Satellite Systems provided a communications system equally up to the challenge. With an auto-acquire, 1.8 meter VSAT antenna on the roof, the In-Building Incident Command Center is able to maintain contact with surrounding emergency responders and other city departments without worrying about downed phone lines or overcrowded telephone and cellular networks.

The San Francisco Public Safety Building at Mission Bay is the latest of Remote Satellite’s major contracts. The 264,000-square-foot structure houses the new headquarters for the San Francisco Police Department as well district police and fire stations. Built in anticipation of the Bay Area’s next great earthquake, the building needed to have a reliable communications… Read more »

We currently have a variety of bundles, SOS devices, terminals, and satellite systems on sale. Satellite phones and systems are used in a variety of fields, including construction, military, maritime, and research. They allow consistent communication in remote areas, and in case of emergency. Here are four of our featured sale items. Hughs BGAN 9202 Land… Read more »

Upgrade Infrastructure to Improve Travel Satellite Communications The need to communicate while traveling is a necessity. Without satellite technology, one would not be able to stay in touch with others no matter where they are and how they are traveling all over the world. The same goes for businesses in the travel industry. The need… Read more »

Putting Safety First With Satellite Communication Many changes and advancements in technology have been made to public safety satellite communication systems in light of recent tragedies. In the past, public safety officials relied heavily on radio technology to transmit vital information over terrestrial systems regarding emergency situations and catastrophic events to help boost response times…. Read more »

To facilitate the speed and efficiency of communication, data and connectivity, Global Xpress (GX), a new Inmarsat Service has been introduced to the world. This revolutionary new satellite service is capable of supporting various applications while delivering extremely high and reliable bandwidth speeds. Global Xpress allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to… Read more »

When it comes to environmental monitoring, you need an application that has many sensors and early warning systems in place to keep you alert of any changes in real time. Environmental monitoring satellite communication solutions featuring GX technology make it possible for you to manage and monitor any environment remotely and onsite. Using satellite technology… Read more »