FleetOne Commitment Rate Plans Sim Card Monthly Fee Monthly Subscription Allowance Fee Implied Standard IP MBs (included in Allowance) Standard IP per MB Voice to Fixed per Minute SMS/Text
FleetOne No Commitment Rate $20.00 N/A N/A $6.10/MB $0.60/Min $0.48/SMS
FleetOne 650 $20.00 $650.00/month 114MB $5.66/MB $0.60/Min $0.46/SMS
FleetOne  1300 $18.00 $1,300.00/month 239MB $5.42/MB $0.60/Min $0.43/SMS
FleetOne  3250 $18.00 $3,250.00/month 642MB $5.06/MB $0.57/Min $0.42/SMS
FleetOne  6500 $16.00 $6,500.00/month 1,351MB $4.81/MB $0.55/Min $0.40/SMS

*See RSSI Airtime contract for full Plan details by completing the contact information form below 


Additional Costs for All Plans:

Voice Rates Per Minute
FleetOne Voice to Cellular $0.60/Min
FleetOne Voice to Voicemail $0.55/Min
FleetOne Voice to BG/FB/SB/GSPS $0.55/Min
FleetOne Voice to Iridium $11.99/Min
FleetOne Voice to Globalstar $8.73/Min
FleetOne Voice to Other MSS Systems $7.52/Min




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