6 Advantages of Enhanced Defense and Government Satellite Communications

Defense and government satellite communicationsDefense and Government Communications services help federal, state, and local governments maintain fundamental and secure communications where wire lines or wireless infrastructures do not exist. Mission-critical satellite communications are vital resources for sustaining and optimizing the communications infrastructure.

Satellite communications technologies include airborne mobile broadband networks, managed Wi-Fi, and mobile enterprise security services. The top six benefits of enhancing defense and government satellite communications include:

  1. Protection, includingall forms of information warfare
  2. Interoperability, such as seamless connectivity
  3. Assured, real-time access, available on demand
  4. Flexibility to match the dynamic operational environment
  5. Capacity to meet current and emerging requirements
  6. Global coverage to operate anywhere worldwide

Government, defense, and commercial organizations are leveraging innovations in satellite technology to produce cost-effective broadband communications services.

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