Iridium Satellite Launches Almost Complete

Iridium Satellite Launches Almost CompleteStarting in January 2017, Iridium began launching Iridium NEXT satellites into low Earth-orbit (LEO) to replace their aging satellite network. Many of the older satellites are no longer in active service, are partially functional, have tumbled out of control, or have reentered the atmosphere. The new NEXT satellites will form a second-generation global network of telecommunications satellites. In our previous blog post here we discussed the new network. The final plan will have 66 active satellites that will create a worldwide network that will improve user experience and data transmission.

The globe’s first truly worldwide broadband service.

They can also be utilized as a data link to other satellites in space, enabling control and command of other space assets regardless of the position of ground gateways and stations.

Iridium has contracted with SpaceX to launch their satellites into space, ultimately planning to send 75 satellites into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket over 8 different launches. 66 satellites will be in operation while 9 will serve as on-orbit spares, and there will be 6 on the ground spares as well. As of Spring 2018, 6 of the launches are complete and 55 satellites are in LEO. You can watch the exciting May 22, 2018 launch on YouTube here.

Iridium plans to begin providing service through Iridium Certus as soon as early 2020. The 66 satellites will blanket the earth with coverage, bringing reliable connections to many previously unreachable locations, including remote waterways where it is crucial for mariners to have service. Iridium is creating a world where it is getting easier and easier to stay online on the go. The NEXT satellites will provide global communications and data for individuals as well as emergency communications. It is exciting to be able to watch launches in real time and the dream of an interconnected world joined together by internet service become a reality. We can’t wait for Iridium Certus service to begin!

Remote Satellite is a Government Approved Supplier For Satellite Phones and SAT Phone Service

Approved GSA SupplierRemote Satellite Systems is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a Government Approved Supplier.

We officially have GSA Approval, a designation that means our company has been approved to sell satellite phones and SAT phone service to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration. To become eligible for GSA Approval, a business must complete a number of steps and prove good past performance. We’re proud of our satisfied clients, reputation for customer service, and this opportunity to work with government agencies and contractors! Our GSA Contract Number is GS35F0439S and the Remote Satellite Cage Code is 1E5X5.

California’s Procurement System

In addition to GSA Approval, the federal purchasing department of the US Government, Remote Satellite Systems also has CALNET Approval.   CALNET 3 is California’s multi-billion dollar procurement to provide services to state agencies. We have been recognized by CALNET to have superior standards of service performance, and public agencies can expect ease of use, competitive pricing, and best practices in requirements and agreements. CALNET recommends our business as a service customers can trust, with high quality product and workmanship.

We’re proud to be listed as a Government Approved Supplier by both the federal and state governments. We’ve done work with several public agencies in the past and look forward to working with many more! This Approval status doesn’t change our commitment to our customers, range of satellite solutions, or innovative thinking, but it does give the stamp of approval and make contracts straightforward. This will make working with us even easier! As a CALNET and GSA Approved Vendor, we offer our clients broadband, voice, and data services based on their specific needs – whether you need to outfit a rural outpost or have agency-wide satellite PTT devices in case of natural disaster.

If you are a public agency needing communications assistance, allow Remote Satellite Systems to help. We have experience working with a variety of law enforcement, rescue, and other agencies to provide satellite communications solutions. Contact us today to discuss further.

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