Expand your satellite voice capability with the Vocality voice Gateway. Vocality has been developing FXS and FXO Gateways for satellite networks for many years and has perfected voice quality and the user experience.


Remote Satellite Systems is able to offer customers a variety of networks and hardware depending on their needs. Requirements are going to be different for a nautical voyage to open sea versus disaster relief in war-torn areas. We’ve talked a lot about the Iridium LEO network and the fantastic Wi-Fi hotspot and PTT options available. Another product that RSS is particularly excited about is Vocality BASICS Voice Gateway.


There are three main advantages of the Vocality Voice Gateway: straightforward design, compact size, and voice capabilities. The BASICS series is aptly named for their total ease of use. All of the BASICs family of products comes ready to use our of the box and our satellite communications experts are always on hand to help with any technological issues you may have. In addition to the simple to use interface, the FXS (telephone handsets) and FXO (telephone exchanges) provide the lowest size and weight, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. We know space can be a premium in a tightly packed piece of luggage, which is why we recommend the Vocality Voice Gateway. Lastly, the device has low bandwidth requirements to hook up phones to an IP network, making it easier for you to connect.


In this post we highlighted the BASICS Voice Gateway, which has top voice quality and an intuitive user experience, but there are many other products in the BASICS series. We also can help you with the BASIC IP Router, Radio Relay, Hybrid, and Multivoice. These products are ideal if you are in a remote location where minimal equipment size and the number of physical sockets in a device are crucial. The BASICS offer connectivity options that enable you, wherever you are, to create a single unified network regardless of remote device technology. If you’re interested in learning about this family of products, which offers numerous connectivity options, consult your local experts at Remote Satellite Systems.

Iridium Go

The Iridium Go has been well received in the Corporate Emergency Business Continuity world with many large companies replacing their older handheld satphones with these smaller and easier to use Iridium “Hot Spots”. For these new users who rely on their ‘ I-Phone type Smart Phones”  the direct availability of Contact Phone book and direct SMS text messaging has brought the Go to the forefront with Emergency Mangers alike………………………………….




We have talked before on our blog about explorers that need reliable, portable satellite communications to connect with their families when far from home. But it’s not just explorers in open ocean and climbing mountains that turn to us for high tech satellite solutions. Remote Satellite Systems is lucky to work with people and organizations that encompass a wide range of professions and hobbies, from government and defense to media to transportation. This makes our work interesting and challenging; we happily rise to the occasion of finding the right satellite equipment and network for each client.


Speaking of the right satellite equipment, Remote Satellite Systems is happy to announce the Iridium Go. While we work with customers all over the world involved in all types of work, this satellite Wi-Fi access point has already been well received in the corporate emergency business continuity world.


The Iridium Go is used primarily for voice, SMS, and email. However you can also run applications, use it for social networking and photo sharing, and access GPS tracking and SOS alert with this device. Many big businesses in the industry are replacing their older handheld satellite phones with the more compact and easier to use Iridium “Hot Spots”. New users who rely on the Go include Emergency Managers that enjoy the direct availability of the Contact Phone book, direct SMS text messaging, and 100 ft hotspot radius.


What’s the best feature of the new Go? This rugged and mobile unit establishes a revolutionary worldwide connection for voice and data communications for up to five devices. This compact, reliable connection can support up to five smartphones and tablets! Using it is as simple as flipping up the integrated antenna. The battery-powered unit connects quickly and easily to the Iridium low earth orbit satellite network to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect multiple devices to. Contact us to learn more about the Go.

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