Iridium Subscription Airtime

Iridium Postpaid Calling

Iridium postpaid plans offer the convenience of Iridium’s reliable, everywhere voice and data communications without the need to be concerned about a prepaid account expiring or having a low balance. Postpaid airtime requires a one-year service agreement.

Remote Satellite Systems offers flexible billing and flat rates for truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions)

We also offer Prepaid Airtime that does not require a contract. View Prepaid Options here.

Iridium Communications will be raising its rates on all airtime services as of January 1, 2013, including for prepaid SIM cards. We will post our new rates when they become available. Thank you.

Iridium Standard Plan   $48.95/mo

• Voicemail included
• Voice and Data $1.45/minute
• No additional Monthly fees or taxes
• 24/7 Tech Support

Iridium Saver Plan   $52.00/mo

• 5 minutes included/month*
• Voicemail included
• Voice and Data $1.45/minute
• No additional Monthly fees or taxes
• 24/7 Tech Support

Iridium Plus Subscription   $57.00/mo

• 10 included minutes/month*
• Voicemail included
• Voice and Data $1.45/minute
• No additional Monthly fees or taxes
• 24/7 Tech Support

Iridium Extreme Emergency Response Program   $345/yr

• One time activation fee $45
• No additional access charges
• Dedicated SOS button on top of phone
• Insurance Option Available
• 24/7 Tech Support

GMN X-Gate SpeedMail   $19.00/mo

Software works seamlessly with all wireless modes of communication (Satellite, Cell phone, HF Radio) as well as through conventional Internet channels such as dial-up and LAN adapters. Extremely fast custom wireless protocol optimized with compression for the fastest possible transfer of email.

• SpeedMail Web Compression $8.00/mo
• SpeedMail Crew Account $8.00/mo
• SpeedMail Email Forwarding (Fetching) $5.00/mo per address
• SpeedMail File Transfer $30.00/mo

For more information visit Speedmail

+1 Access   $10.00/mo

Provides a domestic phone number

Short Burst Data   $25.00/mo

Can be ordered as stand alone service

Activation Fees

Airtime Plans   $45.00
SpeedMail $59.00

Iridium Airtime Rates - Standard Plan

Iridium Incoming Calls & Messaging


Iridium to Iridium/Voicemail


Voice/Data to Fixed or Cellular


Two-Stage Dialing


Iridium +1 Access


SMS/text messages


Iridium Voice/Data to other Satellite Unit


Iridium Airtime Rates – Short Burst Data per 1000 Bytes

Mobile Originated and Terminated Globally


Check Mailbox


Iridium 9575 Location Based Service (Tracking)

One Time Software License Fee


Tracking Monthly Fee*


Text Message (Per Message)


Tracking Message (Per Message)*


*Monthly Fee Includes: 250 tracking messages and access to GeoPro web application
*Tracking message includes check in, locate, emergency, and tracking


Free Consultation
Free Equipment Configuration and Engineering support

   Toll Free (888) 989-8199
   Voice (707) 545-8199
   Fax (707) 546-8198


Iridium Service Plan Details

Standard Plan

Iridium Standard Plan subscription has a one time $45 activation fee. Subscription fees are billed monthly and may be paid in advance. Airtime is billed at $1.45 per minute fee for both voice and circuit switched data. Other packages available.


Voicemail check is calculated as an outgoing call. To access voicemail box dial 011 from a land line or 00 from Iridium phone, and 8816 6299 0000. When prompted, enter 12 digit Iridium phone number. During the announcement hit the * key then enter voicemail password when prompted. Consult the Iridium user manual for Mail Box set up instructions.


  • Compression, duplex transmission, mid-file restart, header pruning, protocol overhead removal and pipe-lining for very efficient mail transfers
  • Fetch mail from popular email providers such as AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail, MSN, and others
  • Access your email via Iridium, Wi-Fi, or any device which provides Internet connectivity
  • Web browsing with on average 3-5x increased speed over regular browsing
  • Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Track your vessels on a secure website, an electronic chart, or locally on a vessel
  • Receive weather files via email
  • Update your website efficiently over your satellite phone


Remote Satellite Systems offers several solutions for e-mail on your Iridium satellite phone. RSSI will provide preliminary consultation and configuration support as well as 24/7 support for the life of your service with RSSI.

+1 Access

+1 Access was developed to provide Iridium Postpaid subscribers with a US based “+” number in addition to their existing 8816 phone number. As the 8816 country code can be difficult to dial in certain parts of the world and can generate high call charges for the calling party, +1 Access enables simpler and less expensive calling for Iridium subscribers. +1 Access carries an additional low monthly fee and a price-per-minute for inbound calls that is slightly higher than that of Iridium’s existing two-stage dialing service.

+1 Access service can be added to any Iridium postpaid subscriber’s account at any time. Once added to the account, the subscriber will receive a +1-480-xxx-xxxx phone number in addition to an 8816-xxxxxxxx phone number. Subscribers can manage their call cost and caller access by choosing to distribute their 8816 phone number or their +1 phone number. Two-stage dialing is also still available to +1 Access subscribers.

The calling party is charged long distance rates from the origination point to the US. Both parties pay for the entire duration of the call. The called party (the Iridium subscriber) is charged the +1 (US) Access rate once the call is connected. The United States has one of the lowest-cost inbound calling rates, so this makes the +1 Access service very economical for the calling party.

+1 Access allows callers to dial Iridium subscribers directly through their own, unique US phone number. Two stage dialing requires the use of multiple numbers (two-stage access number and called party’s MSISDN) and navigation through English language voice prompts. +1 Access rates are set at a slight premium to two-stage dialing due to the higher associated costs associated with the service. +1 Access numbers are unique per subscriber. PIN protection is not necessary and not supported under the +1 Access service.

Note the following:

  • In case the Iridium subscriber has forwarded all calls to voice mail, all parties are still assessed charges as described above
  • Data is NOT available with the +1 Access service
  • +1 Access service is NOT compatible with SMS and requires the use of the subscribers MSISDN
  • +1 Access is NOT available for prepaid subscribers

Activation Fee

There is a one-time activation fee for all Iridium services.


Airtime is billed at a one minute minimum and 20 second increments thereafter. Maximum text message size from Iridium satellite unit is 160 alpha numeric characters. Maximum message size to Iridium satellite unit is 120 alpha numeric characters. Minimal billable message size for Short Burst Data is 30 bytes with 1 byte increments thereafter. Individual Short Burst Data Messages are rounded to the next whole cent. Short Burst Data Fees and rates are in addition to other services.

*Monthly included airtime does not rollover to the following month.

24/7 Technical Support

Our customers are our top priority.

During business hours 8am – 5pm PST call or email 707-545-8199,

After hours call 800-514-7267 or +1-707-545-8199

Term Commitment

All Iridium Postpaid Subscription Service Plans require a 12-month minimum term commitment. There will be an early termination fee of $175.00 and the monthly fee will be prorated based on termination date.

Refund Policy

All refunds must be arranged with the Remote Satellite Systems Sales Manager in order to be processed. Unactivated prepaid Iridium SIM cards may be returned within 7 days of purchase, provided that they are still honored by the satellite service provider, and must be returned in original condition. Activated prepaid Iridium SIM cards cannot be returned and are not eligible for refund. Deactivation of an activated card stops service. Deactivated prepaid SIM cards are not eligible for any credit or refund for any unused minutes or validity.


For More Information, please see Terms and Conditions